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American Lap Company has been serving the manufacturing industry since 1944, we are a quality and customer satisfaction driven company.  The sole focus of American Lap Company is to deliver a better product faster than industry standards.

American Lap Company Internal Laps and External Laps will give you the following benefits:

  •  Give the ultimate tolerances and surface finishes.
    •  Roundness to .000003" (3 millionths of an inch)
    •  Straightness to .000005" (5 millionths of an inch)
    •  Surface finishes to less then 1 micro inch
  •  Improve all Cylindrical Geometric Characteristics. 
    •  Improves Straightness
    •  Improves Roundness
    •  Will remove bow.
    •  Keyways, cross holes and other interruptions do not effect the performance of our laps.
  •  Inexpensive means of outside diameter and inside diameter finishing.
    •  No expensive equipment to buy.
    •  Lapping can be performed on a lathe or drill press.
    • Lapping can be performed with a hand drill.   

We manufacture and stock a complete line of lapping, honing and work holding tools. Including Internal Laps and Arbors, External Laps and Holders, Lapping Plates, Lapping Compounds, Diamond Honing Tools, Expanding Mandrels, Barrel Laps, Needle Eye Laps and Special Tools.

Contact Information

We can be contacted Monday through Friday from 8:00am - 4:30pm EST. 

231-526-7121  or   800-245-7121
Postal address
220 Franklin Park, Harbor Springs, MI 49740
Electronic mail
General Information and Sales alan@americanlap.com

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